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Store and Skybox Rentals at The Avenue

Are you looking for a store or a skybox then come have a look at what The Avenue has on offer.

All skyboxes come fully furnished with a 25 prim allowance for 150L$ a week. You can get extra prims if needed.
Pay for 4 weeks get your 5th week free.

Stores are 50 or 75 prims.
50 prims are 100L$ for the first week then 200L$ there after.
75 prims are 150L$ for the first week then 300L$ there after.
More prims can be added if needed.
On all stores after your first week if you pay for 4 weeks get the 5th week free.

So come have a look at what we have on offer! Even if your not looking for a rental come have a look at the couple of stores we have so far. 🙂

The Avenue

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